Get Your Agency 

Hosting Guide

When it comes to agency hosting we're sure there are many questions 
whizzing around your head so we have put together a guide to address some
of the common FAQs that arise when selecting a hosting package

What's inside our hosting guide?

  • What type of hosting should I choose?

  • How am I going to provide hosting to my clients?

  • How do I decide what server specification is right for me or my client?

  • Where should I host my clients email?

  • What is managed hosting and should i look for a host that provides this?
  • Is it important where my servers are located?

  • What is a web hosting control panel and which one should I use?

  • How do I move my existing clients websites to a new hosting provider?

  • How do I keep my website secure?

  • When should I upgrade my hosting and what are the best options for doing this?